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April 6, 2010

Swamis changing form at will

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A follow up to my article on how to be a swami. This one is through Amit Varma of India Uncut:

Apparently swamis can also change form at will. There is a story in the Mumbai Mirror about one Apoorva Chakravorty who initially contracted with a swami to improve his career prospects. When said prospects did not change, Mr. Chakravorty and the swami had a falling-out.

Little did the poor fellow know what horrors were in store for him. Since the falling out, he has been harassed by the swami taking the form of a crow or pigeon and showing up at his house on a regular basis. It is unclear what the swami-turned-pigeon-or-crow does once he gets to the house, but I can understand how Mr. Chakravorty can get unnerved. I would, too, if all the swamis I dissed in my previous post turned up as cats, dogs, pigeons, crows, or leprechauns.

Mr. Chakravorty apparently has clinching evidence of his avian tormentors, and a way to tie them to the vengeful swami — perhaps a facial resemblance? The poor man has been taking his complaint to various officials in the government, but they appear dismissive of his concerns about the morphing swami. I suspect it is because the swami has all these officials under his control as well.

Come to think of it — there’s a rabbit that always hides under my deck and eats my plants. I am now wondering if it is an upset godman. Maybe I should have a talk with it and apologize for all the bad things I said about swamis in a prior blog post.


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