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June 24, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar for Field Marshal

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From the old country comes the news that one of its most prominent cricketers is now an Honorary Group Captain of the Indian Air Force. Sure Sachin hits a lot of balls into the air, and with great force. But does that mean he deserves an honorary Air Force appointment? Where is the connection? Whose brilliant idea was this?

I propose further awards for the Master Batsman along these lines. A few years down the road, he can be considered for Field Marshal (hitherto awarded to the likes of Sam Manekshaw and Kodanda Cariappa, who actually fought and won wars). Better still, how about an honorary government minister right now (Cabinet rank), with all the trappings, including a white Ambassador car? Wait — he’s better than that; he needs to be honorary Prime Minister. Scratch that, let’s make him honorary President.

I’ve never heard of such absurdity in the US. As far as I know, Babe Ruth and Ted Williams held no positions in the USAF, honorary or otherwise. They were professional players who were very successful. Their fans loved them, and that’s that.

PS: The rumour out of Delhi is that the Indian Government is considering anointing Fijian of Indian origin, Vijay Singh, an Admiral of the Navy in recognition of his having launched golf balls into water hazards many times over the course of his career.


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