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September 24, 2010

Chinese eReader comes with preloaded books

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A Chinese company has advertised eReader technology that is likely to be light years ahead of the current state of the art in eReaders. Contrast is supposedly even better than the Kindle. Power consumption is reported to be much lower; it is required only when the page is rendered, and almost never thereafter unless ambient lighting is poor. The screen technology is reportedly more environmentally friendly than eInk, and available both in color and monochrome versions. Additionally, the DRM technology has been improved to such an extent that removing the protections and putting the book on the Internet is a fairly difficult exercise and increases depending upon the amount of content. For those that have large collections, the company has guaranteed that durability is better than any eReader out there. The technology is robust enough to withstand occasional drops from 3ft heights. Hardware costs are expected to be significantly less than the Kindle. While the technological base is Chinese, the company states that it can transfer the IP associated with the eReader to most industrialized countries. Further, they assure potential buyers that patent issues have all been sorted out. Large publishers and booksellers, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Borders are reported to have made heavy investments in this eReader technology. While wireless networking is not (yet) available on the eReaders, it is much less of an issue, because each eReader comes pre-loaded with a title from a large list of available titles.

I’m under a non-disclosure agreement to not reveal more specifics but if you email me, I will be able to give you some more details of who’s going to carry it, price, etc.


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