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January 6, 2011

Meet one of those creating the new India

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Much news about India these days is about its shameful political class, crooked industrialists, outsourcing or call centers. But along comes a story such as this, and you begin to understand the real India, and how millions of people are pulling themselves out of poverty, refusing to accept the status quo, and changing both how they and people around them see their future. Taken individually, each such person’s achievement may seem small. Collectively, they represent an awakening of the underclasses that see a vision much larger than their present circumstances. It is these people who will drive India’s progress in the days to come.

Compared to Ravindra Misal in the story, I came to realize how little I’ve achieved. I was born at the apex of the caste totem-pole to parents in an upper-middle-class family with two secure government jobs, and did not suffer either the discrimination or poverty that he endured. Unlike Mr. Misal, my career trajectory involved private schools, going to college (funded by my parents and subsidized by the government), and when that was done, hopping on a plane to the USA for another dad-funded degree and a string of professional jobs. While most westerners see people like me as the face of the new India, I decidedly am not. Mr Misal is.


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