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January 18, 2011

2011 Project Management Trends

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Subtitle: Captain Obvious meets Project Management.

I recently saw a slideshow about the “Top 10 Project Management Trends for 2011”, from ESI International. I have taken training courses from ESI in the past, so I was interested in what they had to say about trends in project management. The text of the slides is reproduced below, along with my comments.

  1. Leadership skills will be critical
  2. I was getting by just ordering people around. Now I have to learn leadership skills? I need Benjamin Linus to take me back to 2010.

  3. No industry will be spared from the war for qualified talent
  4. In the good old days through 2010, qualified, competent people were a dime a dozen in most industries. This war for qualified talent is definitely a 2011 thing, and most probably brought about by global warming. Get serious!

  5. Agile will be seen for what it is, and isnt
  6. That’s a tautology isn’t it? Covers all bases. Probably in 2010 and prior, agile was seen for what it was, and was unseen for what it wasn’t? Or is it the other way around?

  7. Competency models will be core to managing professional development and promotions
  8. You really mean that there will be specific goals for training programs, and criteria for promotions? I wonder how they were managing all these years? Say, with a coin toss or rock/paper/scissors to decide which training program to take or whom to promote?

  9. Experiential learning will be the norm rather than the exception
  10. Are you saying mere book knowledge is now proven to be useless, and people need experience on the job? My goodness, we never figured that one out in the last decade. Glory Hallelujah for 2011.

  11. Informal learning will gain momentum
  12. Aha, I understand that there is this thing called “The Internets” and another thing called “The Google” which has lots of training material. Then there are these new things called “Wikis” and “Blogs” that were discovered between Christmas in 2010 and New Year . And who woulda thunk about coaching and mentoring. I’m so excited with all this new-fangled stuff. Got to make a note on my PalmPilot to read about it tonight.

  13. Project Sponsorship will become an area of focus in South Asia
  14. Why don’t you just say India? And even there, I wonder how they survived all these years having projects without sponsors. That must have been what was responsible for the Commonwealth Games fiasco.

  15. Outsourcing will remain a risky business
  16. Bummer! I was hoping I could hire hundreds of Indians half-way across the world, for 1/5th of American wages, and not have to take on any risk. That’s so 2010!

  17. PMs will team with “change partners” and use structured methods to facilitate adoption
  18. Are you kidding? We’ve now discovered the virtues of training our hapless end-users in whatever product our project produces?  What a novel concept. In my career, I’ve always created the product and thrown it over the fence. I’m so totally excited about these new things called online help and training manuals.

  19. The PMP will continue its world domination, but will no longer be enough
  20. That rings a bell. Back in the old days of 2010, whenever I admired myself in the mirror, I would always see a “PMP Halo”. People would defer to me and sing hosannas to my superior skills. Sadly that stopped happening in 2011, and I was searching for an explanation why. The muggles are figuring out that the PMP is not all that its made out to be. Time for the PMI to crank out another credential that can take the world by storm.


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  1. Good to see you still let common sense guide you. It has been a while since we have talked. Nice Blog.

    Comment by Jason Darrow — January 22, 2011 @ 10:44 am | Reply

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