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January 26, 2011

Hundreds of Indian “students” to be deported

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News out of California is that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) bureau conducted a raid on a fake school called the “Tri-Valley University”. It has 900+ “students”, about 95% of whom are desi. The Times of India says that most, if not all of them will be asked to leave.

This reinforces my earlier postings on the subject — there are many sham universities whose sole purpose is to bring “students” in to the US. The hope of such individuals is that once they are in the US, they can somehow find their way to paying jobs (legal or otherwise) elsewhere. Indeed, such was the case with Tri-Valley. They claimed that most of their 900 students were staying in the same apartment, while in fact their alleged students were spread all over the country, in some paying job or another.

To me the suprise is not that the Feds busted Tri-Valley. I am surprised about the breadth and depth of employment scams going on right under their nose, and they seem to do nothing about it. For example, there is HTIR, which I’ve blogged about previously, that is the favorite of Indian visa consultants. It promises admission in a US university, with claims that the students can work on co-op right away. The Indian consultants market this scam as a legal way to work in the USA without an H1B visa. The education part of the bargain is given short shrift by both parties. HTIR, for its part, teams up with a few bottom-rung universities, and the Indian consultants, for their part make no mention about the quality of education.

If ICE was really serious about deporting illegals, they would perhaps be sending back one 747-load each week to the old country, full of F1 and H1B scamsters.


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