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August 17, 2011

Is the US behind Anna Hazare’s agitation?

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The Congress Party has all but insinuated that the United States is behind Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption at all levels of Indian government. The “foreign hand”, oft mentioned by the late lamented Rajiv Gandhi appears to be making a comeback!

Anyone with a brain larger than that of a fruitfly should recognize that the allegation is laughably absurd. When the ruling party’s peons make such asinine statements, by extension it hurts the credibility of the Indian government, and that of the Nation.

I guess being a Congress Party spokesman requires two qualifications:

  • Ability to lick the boots of the Nehru-Gandhi family
  • An IQ below 50

India’s problems are, and were always, of its own making (including the British Raj (no one could have enslaved 300 million Indians without the connivance of large sections of Indian society), Kashmir (how many times did we play dirty with Sheikh Abdullah, and the elections?) and Punjab (who propped up Bhindranwale?)).

Looking around for someone to blame just makes us look foolish.

In other news: The Congress spokesman alleges that Anna Hazare is a reincarnation of Sauron.


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