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August 20, 2011

From the “I told you so” department

Filed under: Information Technology — Jag @ 11:06 am

Back in July, I had pronounced the fate of WebOS and others. I knew that the demise was coming, but even my prognostication failed to realize how fast it would be.

WebOS could be a great buy for someone at fire sale prices if there were a bunch of patents to go with it that could be used in the coming Mobile Patent Armageddon. The WebOS software is doomed. Developer interest can be sustained around one or two platforms at best… and they are iOS and Android. The rest can cut their losses like HP just did.


With all that said, what boggles the mind is that management can get away with making a $1 Billion purchase, and then writing it off a scant year later. And they pay these geniuses in the tens of millions each year to commit blunders. I could commit the same blunders for a lot less, if only someone gave me the opportunity.


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