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October 18, 2011

A billion bucks doesn’t even buy you good Vaastu

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India’s richest man decided to build a billion-dollar monument to his ego. But he hasn’t moved in yet and it is rumored he never will. All because of poor Vaastu.

Vaastu is Indian pseudoscience, similar to Feng Shui. It dictates the placement of various rooms, windows, bathrooms, etc in specific positions in the house, so that it is beneficial to the occupant. Unfortunately, Mukesh Ambani’s American architects were oblivious to the dictates of this “science”.

Vaastu has become big business in India. Some enterprising individuals have combined Vaastu with mumbo-jumbo about the Pyramids to come up with a variant called Pyramid Vaastu.

Memo to Mr. Ambani — if you’re willing to sell for $200,000 and can finance the purchase with a 4% 30-year fixed mortgage, I know a buyer who would be too happy to get it off your hands, Vaastu or no Vaastu.


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