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December 12, 2011

Motorola Xyboard with 2 year contract @$30/month? No thanks!

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I was browsing the Verizon Wireless kiosk in the mall the other day and came upon a couple new tablets that looked very nice; they were thin (IIRC, thinner than the first-generation iPad and possibly as thin as the second), and fast. They might have made a nice replacement for my trusty iPad when the time came. But alas, they are me-too products priced at stratospheric levels.

The least expensive Droid tablet retails for $530, with a two-year contract for data at $30/month. Assuming that Verizon paid a subsidy of some 300 dollars, the cost of a tablet half the size of an iPad is about 300 dollars more than it! And while it may be elegant, there is nothing this tablet can do that the iPad cannot. Neither is the iPad an ugly duckling.

The pricing on Verizon’s tablets is senseless. Who in their right mind would own a smartphone on a $30 data plan and two-year contract, and on top of that, own a tablet with another $30 data plan and two year contract? For that matter, it would be cheaper to just activate the smartphone hotspot and buy a Wi-Fi only tablet. But this version of Motorola’s Xyboard does not have a wi-fi only option.

Its one thing to buy a nice gadget, even paying mucho dinero. Its another to get ripped off month after month for 24 months, for services that have a cheap substitute (Wi-Fi) pretty much everywhere the tablet will be used.



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