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May 6, 2013

The most cost-effective way to read Amazon ebooks on a tablet is now… the Nook

Filed under: Digital Living — Jag @ 6:36 am

Barnes and Noble has slashed the price of the Nook tablet this week from $269 to $179. Its a great price to pay for a full-sized tablet with excellent resolution, one that by all accounts seems well made. And, one can easily read all their Kindle books on the device by downloading the Kindle reader from Google Play. Sadly, Barnes and Noble will not be seeing  a dime from me in eBook purchases.

I don’t understand what Barnes and Noble’s motivation is, in putting the Google Play store on the Nook, and discounting the tablet at the same time. Chances are, they are not making back their cost on the device. And because they allow competitors to sell their wares on the tablet, they’re not likely to make money off the content, either.

In the mean time, the Nook is proving to be a great replacement for my smartphone. I can now access email and calendaring wherever there is WiFi. And I now have a prepaid phone for those rare occasions I need to place a phone call.


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