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June 14, 2013

Future King of England a (part) desi dude

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Indians all over the world are ecstatic that the future King of England has been outed as a part-desi dude. To think that the house of Windsor would one day have the brown man’s genes!

Laloo Prasad Yadav is said to have dispatched a gift of two buffaloes to his newly discovered compatriot. Narendra Modi stressed that the genes discovered in Prince William are shuddh Hindu genes, found only within genuine believers. The RSS, elated by the discovery, has FedExed the prince his own khakhi chaddi. Given the Prince’s Indian background, the Central Bureau of Investigation has launched an inquiry into whether he too was involved in the betting scandal affecting the latest version of the India Premier League cricket tournament. Manufacturers of fairness creams in India have approached the Prince to be their “brand ambassador”, in an attempt to show that a desi can be lily white, too!

Meanwhile, a State Department spokesperson, responding to the news, stated that should Prince William desire to visit the USA on official business, he will now need an H1-B visa.


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